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DPF Cleaning

What is a DPF?

If you own a diesel vehicle newer than 2008 then you most likely have a Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) fitted.  DPFs were developed to meet ongoing changes in emissions regulations but are susceptible to ash/soot build-up, especially when mainly driven around town or on short or low-speed journeys. They are designed to self-clean when driven on longer journeys but when this doesn’t happen they can become blocked causing you engine problems.

To avoid expensive repair bills and to keep your car running smoothly, we recommend regular DPF cleaning.

Since February 2014 the inspection of the exhaust system carried out during the MOT includes a visual check for the presence of a DPF, if fitted as standard equipment.


It is an offence to use a vehicle on the road that no longer complies with the emissions standards it was designed to meet. This however means that changing any part of the exhaust or emissions system with a part other than the vehicle manufacturer’s original part may change the emissions meaning it could be an offense. In reality, emissions testing outside the London Emissions Zone (LEZ) is normally limited to the standard MOT test.


Replacing a DPF can cost thousands, removing is illegal, and cleaning is the best alternative.

What do we do?

Our alternative to the removal of the DPF filter from the exhaust permanently is to remove and take it through a deep cleaning process, leaving it in an as-new refurbished state.

This will give your DPF a new lease of life.

We will also try to find the root cause of your DPF blockage issues and resolve these where possible at the same time.